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3/4" - 48"

Hot tapping is the process of making a pressure connection to an existing pressurized line. Our tapping service includes mounting the sleeve and valve, pressure testing for integrity of the fittings and completing the connection to the main.


New construction connections

By-pass piping

Service lines

Fire Hydrant leads

Air release valves

pipe types

Cast, Ductile, PVC (SDR21, C900 and C909), Steel, HDPE, Asbestos/Cement and PCCP




36"x 30" Pressure Connection

Northwest Indiana - mount sleeve and valve and perform pressure connection in 24 hours

Special Projects

We love special projects! Our team is capable of handling many different circumstances

Tight Quarters

A small diameter gas line didn't stop us from performing this 20" pressure connection


We can perform line taps on a variety of pipe types including popular C900 PVC