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LINE stopping

2" - 48"

Line stopping offers the ability to isolate an area of pressurized line so that repair, rehabilitation or replacement can occur with minimal shutdown to the system. We have the equipment to perform multiple simultaneous line stops in areas where there are intersecting lines.

We utilize 14" - 48" folding heads which allow the line stops to require smaller fittings and be more cost effective for you.


Isolation / Control of Distribution Line

By-pass piping

Multiple simultaneous line stops at intersections

pipe types

Cast, Ductile, PVC (SDR21, C900 and C909), Steel, HDPE, Asbestos/Cement and PCCP



Excavation Dimensions





Line Stop System

Typical line stop machine mount for installation of plug

Sewer Applications

Line Stop plug in main. We can also perform line stops on forcemain.

Unique Alternative!

Our valve insertions double as a line stop fitting saving you money!!

Multiple stops at one time

Triple line stops are no problem for RMS!